CFP: Toxic Embodiment – Special Issue of Environmental Humanities

This special issue edited by Olga Cielemecka and Cecilia Åsberg on toxic embodiment for the Environmental Humanities journal, will examine variously situated bodies, land- and waterscapes and their natural cultural intra-actions with toxicity.

Toxic bodies are certainly an urgent environmental concern: plastics seeping hormones into bodies, industries leaking toxic waste into rivers, weather carrying traces of contaminants to breast milk in Arctic climes—it seems the transcorporeal transits of toxicity spare no one and no place. Yet alarmist views of toxicity are themselves cause for concern: what normative views of bodies get (re)produced in these narratives? What would a pure and clean body be?

Contributions are sought from the fields of medical humanities, life sciences, feminist posthumanities, science, technology and society, gender studies, queer and trans studies, indigenous studies, disability studies, environmental humanities, and other related fields of study and forms of critical inquiry.

Deadline for 250 word abstracts, 15 January, 2017.

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