Humans as Humus

This podcast is called: “Human as Humus.” It includes the following speakers from Central European University, ordered based on their first appearance.

Elizabeth Loudon (podcast creator)

Dorottya Olah (gardening student)
Yifei Zhao (gardening student)
Shushant Vashisth (gardening student)
Katalin Tarr (gardening student)
Christoph Niessen (M.A. Philosophy student)
Anonymous (student asked not to be named)
Jelena Zigic (M.S. Environmental Science and Policy student)
Hager Ali (M.A. Political Science student)
Darunee Tan Sukanan (Environmental Science and Policy student)
Special thanks to Evi Lukonits for recording the final interview. Also, much appreciation to the CEU community and all those involved in the AudioFiles course on podcasting. Some sounds come from Zsamboki Biokert, while others come from the CEU rooftop garden.
The excerpts from Donna Haraway are taken from her work entitled “Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene.”

Please note that the audio editing is still in progress. The tweaking is never done, as with all creative products. The version that will be fine tuned within the next few weeks will eventually be made available online. Hopefully, it can grow into a series. Thanks for listening

Elizabeth Loudon
(Central European University, Budapest)