Remaking the Museum: Curation, Conservation, and Care in Times of Ecological Upheaval

Conference at the Centre for Environmental Humanities, Aarhus University
6-7 December 2017

A very promising-looking two-day conference in Denmark exploring the possibility of remaking of the museum as catalyst for social and environmental change in the age of the Anthropocene.

“In this time of entangled social and environmental crisis, the need to not only reimagine but remake the museum has acquired new urgency. Bring together leading scholars and practitioners from across the environmental humanities and beyond, this two-day conference will investigate the opportunities, challenges, and limits of the museum as a catalyst for social change in the Anthropocene. From the museum’s early modern origins to the development of today’s highly heritage saturated public culture, the capacity of museums and their objects to perform particular relationships between nature, culture, and history has always been important—inviting critique from a variety of political and theoretical vantage points. The emergence of the Anthropocene as both a contested concept and concrete reality adds new layers of complexity and intensity to this story.”