Yasmine Ostendorf (MA) is an independent researcher/curator with over ten years of professional work experience in the international cultural field. She researches, curates, stimulates, connects, facilitates and writes about art, design and culture that positively contributes to society; i.e work that explores, questions and addresses our social and environmental responsibility. In 2013 she founded the Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA), a support network of 18 cultural organisations across Europe engaging with environmental issues, funded by the European Commission. In 2015 she established, in collaboration with Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taiwan, a sister GALA network in Asia. GALA Asia connects artists and activists from Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea and the Philippines and supports them in their fight for a more sustainable future. Her most recent research 'Creative Responses to Sustainability', including mappings of the most pioneering cultural organisations engaging with environmental issues across Asia are published by the Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) and freely downloadable through their platform Culture360.org